Storage Tips

  • Always clean and thoroughly dry appliances before storing. (Placing a receptacle of salt inside freezers and refrigerators will help absorb moisture).
  • Always pack books flat in small boxes for easy lifting.
  • Always pack mirrors on edge, not flat. Protect them by packing individually with strong cardboard.
  • Always use plenty of packing paper for china and glasses. Each item should be wrapped individually.
  • Always protect upholstered furniture and mattresses with specially designed covers or sheets and blankets. Place a pallet, cardboard mat or sheet underneath.
  • To maximize storage space use uniform size boxes.
  • Store heaviest boxes on bottom. All boxes should be full before stacking.
  • Leave air space around units perimeter to aid in ventilation. For ease of locating items leave a walkway to the rear of space. Store frequently used items up front.
  • Cover all your stored possessions with a sheet or blanket. (Allow for ventilation when using plastic covers).

Storage Guide Selecting The Right Size

  • 10X10 - Furniture from a small one bedroom apartment without appliances, small boxes and small items.
  • 10X15 - Furniture from a small two bedroom without appliances. Miscellaneous items.
  • 10X20 - Furniture from a two to three bedroom house with appliances.
  • 10 X 25 - Contents from a small home or ideal for a boat or car.